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Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace Rolls Out New Rod Family With TFO

By Nicholas Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters

When you spend 200+ days a year on the road, battling arguably the best anglers in the world, you need a rod that is up to the task.

Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace, the TFO Pacemaker Series rods offers a wide arrange of action and technique specific tools for every angler from the hardened Elite Series pro to the weekend warrior.

This 14-rod family is composed of Cliff’s favorite rod lengths and actions, (both spinning and casting models).


Cliff’s series is a major jump forward in rod design, specifically directed at bass techniques. Photo by Dakota Jones. 

The series ranges from his go to 7-foot crankbait rod for tossing his signature Black Label Tackle Ricochet squarebill crankbaits, to an 8-foot flipping stick for working thick, matted vegetation.

This series features TFO’s proprietary Tactical Series guides, rubberized reel seats for comfort and a natural cork split grip.

The Pacemaker Series of rods are tastefully finished; simply polished, with a thin layer of matte clear coat to enhance the natural luster of the fibers and TFO’s trademark Color ID Split grip.

Pacemaker rods retail for $189.95-$199.95.

For more information please contact Temple Fork Outfitters at, or by telephone, (800) 638-9052.


TPM Pacemaker - Cliff Pace (1).png

This new 14-rod family will be available in the fall of 2016. Contact your local TFO dealers for more in formation. Photo courtesy of TFO. 


New Guides and a Fresh Design Highlight New TFO Professional Rod Series

By Nicholas Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters

There are a handful of rod actions and powers that should reside in any serious angler’s rod locker.

One of the most valuable rods to have on the boat is the new Professional Series rods designed by Gary Loomis, and built by TFO.

We took all of the positive attributes and actions from our wildly successful Signature Series and have transitioned them into the Professional Series.

Featuring 20 models, with rods from a 6’0” ultra-light spinning model to a 7’6” Heavy power rod, the Professional Series classic, medium-fast action will allow anglers the most efficient tool to deliver a lure and land a fish.

Professional Casting MH_2017_CMYK.jpg

New composite cork handles ensure durability and a secure grip everytime. Photo by TFO. 

Professional Series rods feature Fuji® guides, for enhanced sensitivity and durability when fishing braided lines or in saltwater environments.

Gary’s one-piece Professional Series rods are a rich matte black with matching wraps highlighted by silver tipping.

The rods feature composite cork handles that are more durable and provides a more consistent grip when wet. Models feature both split and full-cork grips.

Professional rods incorporate TFO’s color ID system to make sure you grab the correct rod when the action is hot.

Rods retail for $99.95-$109.95.

For more information please contact Temple Fork Outfitters at, or by telephone, (800) 638-9052.

Professional_Spinning Full Cork_CMYK2017


Spinning models come in both split and full cork grips. Photo Courtesy of TFO. 

Larry Dahlberg Lends Legendary Talent to TFO

By Nicholas Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters

Legendary angler, lure designer and TV show host Larry Dahlberg has built his life around hunting the biggest, meanest fish.

Hooking and landing those fish has put incredible demands upon his tackle, and until now, no one rod could overcome those challenges.

That dire need for the perfect rod has come to fruition in this new series of ‘Big Fish’ rods.

This two-piece, 10-rod series range in lengths from 7’6” to 9’6” and feature Larry’s patented rubberized Comfort Trigger™ handle. Double-foot, Fuji® guides adorn the rich, translucent blue blank. Premium quality cork fore and aft-grips allow for better fish fighting angles, as well maintaining the weight savings of a split grip handle. An extra-large tip-top allows for large knots and leader connections to slide effortless through.

TFD Big Fish - Larry Dahlberg (1)

The Big Fish rods feature a rubberized trigger for increased fishability and fatique fighting during long days of chucking heavy lures. Photo courtesy TFO. 

By utilizing a 70/30 ferrule split in conjunction with TFO’s high modulus carbon fiber blank material, Gary Loomis and Larry were able to craft a rod that could handle the brutal punishment that musky, pike and a multitude of saltwater beasts inflict, while maintaining functional fishing attributes and weight savings.

Rods retail for $229.95-$279.95.

For more information please contact Temple Fork Outfitters at, or by telephone, (800) 638-9052.

TFO Unveils BVK Spey Rod Series

By Nicholas Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters

Arrive at any boat ramp, or lodge from Northern California to British Columbia and you’ll see some of the finest two-handed rods ever built.

Not only do these meticulously finished rods cast well, they make no qualms about bringing the fight to the fish. That is exactly the mindset we tried to replicate with the BVK family of two-handed rods.

From traditional lines, to modern scandi lines and mid-bellies, this three-rod BVK family features a faster, stiffer feel that melds perfectly with swift, touch-and-go style casts.


Think light and responsive. The BVK family of spey rods are ideal for touch-and-go casts and those throwing longer heads and lines. Photo courtesy TFO.

The 12’8” 6-weight, (400 to 600 grains), rod is the stand-out dry line/summer run rod for steelhead. Ideal for floating tips and dry line work in the Oregon and North Calif., But also has application in So Cal and Florida gulf as a two-handed overhead rod in the surf. Middle of the fairway grainage on this rod should be about 425-480.

There is a reason why 13-foot, 7-weight two-handed rods are so popular. They can cover just about any species specific technique, whether it’s battling steep banks or wind ripping up the canyon from your favorite run, this rod is small enough to cast in tight quarters while maintaining enough length to lift longer lines off of the water. The ideal grain window for the 7-weight, are lines between 450-650 grains, with the sweet spot being 480-575 grains.

The 13’4” 8-weight, (500 to 700-grains) model has a thin profile, and a light in hand feel, but, make no mistake it was built to handle big water and big fish. Triple density, floating lines and a variety of longer line approaches feel right at home on this rod. For those who desire to go after big salmon and steelhead in deep, fast water with big flies, heavy heads and tips, these rods have the power for the job.

Rods come adorned with Tactical Series stripping guides and ultra-lightweight chromium impregnated stripping guides. A trimmed down, reconstituted cork handle allows for ergonomic handling and durability in the wettest fishing conditions.

BVK two-handed models retail for $485.95-$495.95.

For more information please contact Temple Fork Outfitters at, or by telephone, (800) 638-9052.


TFO Ambassador Thom Thornton casting an earlier prototype of the BVK Spey on the Sandy River in Oregon. Photo courtesy of Thom Thornton.





TFO Pro Burnie Haney Highlights the GTS BBC 7116-1


TFO Pro Staffer Burnie has been putting the GTS BBC 7116-1 rod through its paces in upstate New York.

According to Burnie, “This past week I was able to get out and put the TFO 7’11” Mag Hvy through the paces and  I can say this is my new best A-rig rod… Hands down this thing’s a beast, light weight, with  plenty of power and the full cork grip provides ample room for comfortable two-handed casting.”



The GTS Swimbait rod has a softer tip, to allow an angler to easily lob large baits, but, a stout butt to aid in the hook-set and landing phase. 


The GTS Swimbait rod is the ideal tool for big, water displacing lures. Because of flag pattern on the Swimbait blank, the rod stores a massive amount of energy during the loading phase (back cast) and effectively releases the energy during the unloading (forward cast) phase, making delivery of large swimbaits, Umbrella Rigs, and large crankbaits easy. The Swimbait rod features an extended, full-cork handle to help reduce fatigue and allow anglers to comfortably position the rod while retrieving a lure.



Click here for the VIDEO.


For more information on the GTS BBC 7116-1, check out

For more fishing techniques and tips, check out Burnie’s weekly blog or his column in Lake Ontario Outdoors Magazine.





Nor-Cal Spey Days With Kiene’s American Fly Fishing Co.

This Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28 Kiene’s American Fly Fishing Co. will be hosting it’s annual Nor-Cal Spey Days.
They will be hosting spey casting and fishing clinics on the American River throughout the weekend, and have some special in store deals going on. Looking to add to your two-handed rod quiver? Check out their specials on Deer Creek Spey Rods.
Sessions will be split into two days: one for beginners and one for intermediate to advanced spey casters. Norcal_speydays_event
Beginner classes will be hosted by Kerry Burkheimer and feature Doug Duncan – one of the west coasts finest two-handed casters-with help from Andy Guibord, Phil White and other great spey casters they will help beginners find their stroke.  Each beginner will get individual instructor for 50-minutes.

Intermediate to advanced clinics will be hosted by Kerry Burkheimer and also feature Doug Duncan, Andy Guibord, Phil White and other super great local spey casters.

The event will be held at the Watt Ave entrance on the American River Parkway…just off Highway 50.  Refreshments will be served to participants.
For more information, please visit, Kiene’s American Fly Fishing Co.