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Check out this brief write-up by Dally’s Ozark FlyFisher on the “long rod.”

Originally posted on The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal:

Nate with a fistful of 10’ rods in the shop yesterday

THERE is no substitute for have the right tool for the job when required.

Now my natural inclination is toward 9’ and shorter sticks. But then again I also like Worcestershire sauce on my eggs, stick shifts, Vegemite and I wrap my thread clockwise when tying. I don’t expect y’all have to be the same.

But right now 10’ rods are definitely the right choice to fish the bigger water on the White and Norfork. I’ve been running a 10’ 5wt Sage One, which like a lot of the top-end ten-footers, are now lighter both physically and in terms of swing weight than 9’ rods of not that long ago. But equally there are some very good long rods priced from $200 in the shop, that will get it done.

The major benefit of jumping to a longer rod…

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We thought we would share an email blast from our friends over at Hatch Reels, regarding the proposed change in fisheries regulations in the Bahamas.

Please cut and paste the following letter (or write one of your own) and email it to:  fisheries@bahamas.gov.bs
 Photo courtesy Nervous Waters Fly Fishers.

Photo courtesy Nervous Waters Fly Fishers.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I strongly oppose the proposed fisheries regulations currently being proposed for the Bahamas. The issue of protecting the fisheries resource is not one of ownership but rather one of sound, common-sense stewardship. It is in the best interest of the fishing lodges and outfitting operations – whether they are locally owned or foreign owned – to protect the resource on which their businesses depend. Further, every fishing lodge in the Bahamas provides the country much needed jobs. Please focus your attention on the health and protection of the fisheries and do not attempt to regulate the guides and lodges. The proposed fisheries regulations are quite literally a bad solution in search of a problem that does not exist. The traveling angler has many choices throughout the Caribbean and throughout the world. If the Bahamas passes this legislation and sends the message that destination anglers are not welcome in the Bahamas, then he or she will quite simply take their business elsewhere. Thank you for your attention.


ACT NOW!  Public comment will only be accepted until Friday, June 26th, so please join us and take action now.

Please join us in making sure the voices of sportsmen, recreational fishermen and destination anglers are heard.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Marie Martin.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Marie Martin.

BASSFest 2015 at Kentucky Lake

On Thursday June, 3, the BASS Elite Series will kick off its second annual BASSFest on Kentucky Lake.

A field of over 100 anglers will compete in the unique, five-day tournament.

Unlike most BASS events, this competition will feature several cuts as well as opportunities for anglers to ‘catch’ their way back into the running.

The first day of the event will include all anglers on cuts to the field will not be made until the end of day two.

Cliff Pace of the TFO Design Team and Advisory hoists a fish during a recent BASS Elite tournament.  Photo courtesy of BASS.

Cliff Pace of the TFO Design Team and Advisory hoists a fish during a recent BASS Elite tournament.
Photo courtesy of BASS.

On the second day the field of competitors will be cut to 50 anglers. The last 74 anglers will be given a chance at redemption the following day, and will fish nearby Lake Barkley.

The top-10 anglers from Lake Barkley will rejoin the top-50 field the following day on Kentucky Lake, (and walk away with $10,000 each).

After day four, the field will once again be cut to 10 anglers, who will than compete on the final day for a spot in the 2016 Bassmaster Classic, and $100,000.

What the Pro’s will do and how you can fish it

Deep main lake ledges and schooling bass have been the focus leading up to this week’s competition.

Last year, a majority of the anglers fished together and targeted schools of moving bass. Jacob Wheeler won the event in 2014, and used big swimbaits when working in and around the pods of fish.

The swimbait will no doubt be an important tactic this year, but another bait, the Magnum Flutter Spoon should produce fish. At three-ounces and just under 8-inches long the Magnum Flutter spoon features a 3/0-treble hook and a life-like, panicked action.

What type of rod for a flutter spoon?

The TFO BBC 7116-1 swimbait rod, is ideal rod for casting heavy baits, long distances. The rod has a softer tip to aid in efficiently loading the rod during the cast.

The stiffer butt is apparent in the lure retrieval and fish hooking phase, to not only provide the angler with more control over the bait, but when it comes times to get the fish in the boat.

The TFO BBC 7116-1 rod pictured has the soft tip, but stiff butt ideal for casting weighted lures, long distances.  Image by TFO.

The TFO BBC 7116-1 rod pictured has the soft tip, but stiff butt ideal for casting weighted lures, long distances.
Image by TFO.

Another option for those looking to throw big swimbaits or spoons is the Edge Rods First Strike Swimbait rod. At 8 feet in length, the moderate-fast action makes this rod ideal for added leverage in making long casts and securing solid hook-sets.

The Magnum Spoon was designed to be fished deep for schooling bass feeding on big Gizzard Shad. Shad patterns are best, plain chrome being the most popular color to use.

To follow the anglers competing this weekend, including Cliff Pace of the TFO and Edge Rods Design and Advisory Staff, please visit, bassmaster.com.

For more information on Temple Fork Outfitters, please visit, tforods.com.

– Report By Dakota Jones, for Temple Fork Outfitters. 

Fly Fishing for Bass: Tips and Tricks


Throwing flies at bass this summer?

Here are some tips from Tim Romano, of Field & Stream Magazine on how to improve your catch rates. For more tips, check out his blog post at, Five Tips for Catching Bass on the Fly.

Bass are found in all 48 contiguous states and even Hawaii. They eat readily and can be fished for most of the year. With the advent of flies like Umpqua’s “Game Changer” and “Schmidterbait” it’s never been easier to target these fish with the long rod. Here are five tips that should help you catch more bass on the fly.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

1. Fish slowly with the top water bug: I’d say nine times out of 10, when I wasn’t paying attention to my popper, is when it was eaten. This tells me that I ought to slow it down and let it sit more than I think I should.

2. Use a constant retrieve while nymphing for bass:  It’s almost impossible to discern a bass eat underwater with a nymph, even with an indicator. A constant retrieve of your bug, slow or fast, will help you feel the eat and catch more fish.

3. Find fish in big water: This one can take time, but is essential if you want to be consistent on a larger body of water. Learn one lake and fish it consistently. Fish with a local and ask a ton of questions. Find the structures like old creek channels, drop offs, old buildings, roads, etc. and you will eventually find the fish.

Check out, Five Tips for Catching Bass on the Fly For more tips, check out the blog at Field & Stream.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

Looking at getting in to fly fishing for bass? Check out these TFO rods! The Mini Mag, The Mangrove and The Hawgleg. Have questions on when and where to throw big flies for bass? Drop us a note at info@tforods.com, or check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The NEW TFO Micro Solar Sunshirt

Comfortable in any condition, the TFO Long Sleeve Micro Solar shirt really comes alive when temps lurch into the 90s and humidity hangs overhead like a wet blanket. shirts

Equally at home while hanging around the boat ramp or the campfire, the long sleeved, lightweight-performance polyester material wicks away moisture while preventing harmful UV rays.

A Large TFO Blue smoke logo is screen printed on the back, and the features a three-inch TFO Rods Loop logo above the left breast.

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Temple Fork Outfitters Official Rod Sponsor of Fly Fishing Film Tour

Temple Fork Outfitters the official sponsor of the 2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour, (F3T).

The F3T is the original and preeminent exhibition of fly fishing cinema, and a one of a kind experience. Each year fishy folk of all ages gather at premieres to soak up films from around the world, spin a few yarns and dream about casts still unmade.


Since its inception in 2007, the F3T has grown more than 30 percent each year; reaching nearly 50,000 anglers across North America last season. To keep up with demand they have added additional tour stops and increased capacity in the communities that support fly fishing and responsible angling tactics.

In addition to showcasing world-class fly fishing films, The F3T is dedicated to supporting the local fly shops and conservation groups that form the backbone of our sport’s educational and environmental efforts.

F3T tickets are available at more than 150 fly shops across the country. A portion of those ticket sales go directly to support fishing and habitat-related conservation groups.

In 2013, the tour raised $250,000 for our conservation partners and have used our voice to bring greater attention and support to groups like Trout Unlimited, Wild Steelhead Coalition, Bonefish Tarpon Trust, Utah Stream Access Coalition and many others.

For more information on the Fly Fishing Film Tour or Temple Fork Outfitters please visit, www.tforods.com.




Temple Fork Outfitters adds to BVK reel family

During the development stage of the now highly acclaimed BVK series of rods, TFO quickly realized the need for a series of reels to complement the rod’s standards in terms of performance, light-weight, quality and affordability.

After the success of the original four reel sizes, TFO is excited to introduce the new BVK 3+ reel to the family of BVK large arbor reels.

The new BVK 3+ reel features the same solid drag and frame components as the rest of the BVK family of reels. Photo by TFO.

The new BVK 3+ reel features the same solid drag and frame components as the rest of the BVK family of reels.
Photo by TFO.

BVK reels are precision machined from bar stock aluminum. The moss green anodized frames and spools are ported to eliminate excess weight. Equally at home in both fresh and salt waters, the super large arbor design provides faster line pick up and helps the maintenance free drag system work at a more constant pressure than standard arbor reels.

Delrin/Stainless stacked discs make the drag silky smooth and the one way clutch bearing makes engagement instant and left to right hand conversion simple.

BVK reels are available in moss green only and the 3+ size retails for $299.95. Spare spools are also available and retail for $169.95.

For more information on the BVK family of reels and Temple Fork Outfitters, please visit www.tforods.com.




The ultralight BVK 3+ can accomodate fly lines up to 10-weight and 225-yards of backing.  Photo by TFO.

The ultralight BVK 3+ can accomodate fly lines up to 10-weight and 225-yards of backing.
Photo by TFO.



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