Ed’s Tips: Leader Configuration

By Ed Jaworowski

Leader configuration can greatly affect your presentation.

Cut off a No. 12 dry-fly; attach a No. 16 or 18 to the same tippet, and your odds of taking a fish may well diminish. That is the case even if the replacement is a better pattern, more realistic and floats better.

For example, say a 24-inch tippet allowed you to make a nice presentation with some slack in front of the fly to prevent drag. When you shorten the tippet and add a smaller fly, it will turn over more aggressively. The fly will slap down on the water and drag can result.

Going to a smaller fly calls for lengthening the tippet.

Going up a hook size means you should consider shortening your tippet.

A tippet that presents a size 18 dry perfectly, will have difficulty turning over an air resistant size 12. Therefore casting accuracy suffers.

Get into the habit of adjusting your tippet regularly when fishing different size dries. It’s an essential part of your cast and presentation.


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