Ed’s Tips: Casting at a Target

 By Ed Jaworowski

You wouldn’t shoot a gun without first selecting a target.

You wouldn’t go on vacation without a destination in mind.

So why do anglers cast flies without a specific target in mind?

An example of this is golf pro Jim Furyk. Furyk the 2010 PGA Player of the Year, insists upon always selecting a target for each golf shot, even when at the driving range.

By focusing on a specific target, like a small section of water, or school of bait, an anglers fly placement can greatly improve.
©Jim Shulin, Temple Fork Outfitters.

When practice casting without water, use hoops, pieces of cardboard, leaves, flowers–anything, so long as every cast has a target.

When fishing a stream, cast the dry fly at a specific foam bubble, or rock. On the flats or other skinny water (when fishing is slow), make an occasional cast at a dark spot on the bottom, imagining it’s a fish. When throwing bass bugs, try to land the lure on a specific lily pad. Even out on the open ocean, don’t just cast at the water. Let your eye select a specific spot where you expect the fly to land.

Each cast made is a practice opportunity that can teach you about direction, effort, speed, stroke length, as well as how and when to gauge your trajectory.


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