BVK Review: Texas FlyCaster

We always like to hear honest, (albeit positive) reviews of our rods and reels.

The folks over at Texas Flycaster, took some time to do a write-up on the BVK series of rods. BVK closeup

Here is a brief excerpt, for more,  check out:

” Throwing the BVK comes on the heels of throwing the new Winston GVX only a few short days ago. You may recall that I guessed, from what I had read, the BVK was going to be competitive with the Winston, and that the BVK would have a firmer backbone. Not only does it have backbone, for my feel and cast, that backbone reaches pretty far up the blank. Distance and accuracy go to the BVK. Recoil-to-dead ratio feels like a tie between the Winston and TFO …”  


Streamer LoveFest

If you like big meaty flies, big rods and big trout than come out to the inaugural Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher Streamer LoveFest on Friday January 25.

They have assembled the brightest array of modern streamer tying (and fishing) talents in the one place, on the promise of a shot at some White River trophy brown trout.

This won’t be your average slow-moving tying event . They have door prizes; crawfish gumbo and other eats & beverages; and plenty of time for one on one conversations with the tiers and guides, away from the tying tables.  streamerfestposter_zps52493fb2

They will have Rainy’s fly designer Nick Granato from Utah, the man behind the Chubby Muffin Sculpin & Sasquatch.

Brad Bohen, Chris Willen and Lucky Porter from Musky Country Outfitters whose take on big fly action has been inspirational to many.

The man from Michigan, Alex Lafkas who reignited the White River streamer movement.

Missouri streamer guru Brian Wise and Chad “Mississippi” Johnson, now a fly designer with Umpqua.

This is not going to be your average tying demonstration, they want everyone involved with the tiers.  They will have tying stations set up to watch the tiers at work 2 or 3 at a time in rotation. The rest of the time they will be free to answer more detailed questions; tell yarns and generally have a good time.




1200 WEST MAIN #7


For more information, check out:

TFO at The Fly Fishing Show- Marlborough, Mass.

It’s time to cure cabin fever and enter a weekend for learning, dreaming and seeing all that’s new in fly fishing and fly tying.

With over 50 speakers and demonstrations each day, the 2013 edition of The Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, Mass. will have much to offer all anglers.

Best of all TFO will have a strong presence at the show and will be exhibiting all three days of the event.  fly-fishing-logo-largest_5gkd

From native trout to ocean tuna and every fishing experience in between, will be covered by experts. Their tips and secrets will give you better fly fishing success in the future.

All the new rods and reels, fly tying materials, books, DVDs and latest equipment will be on display to test and purchase. Our large casting pond is built for casting demos and available to test your favorite new rod.

For more information on this show, please visit: 

Deer Creek Rods for Bonefish

The TFO Deer Creek series of rods is getting good praise (and time on the water!) from Nervous Waters Fly Fishers in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Here is an excerpt from one of Clay’s posts on the 6/7-weight Deer Creek Spey rod:

Nervous Waters Fly Fishers in Hawaii have been making good use of the DC series of spey rods for bonefish. Photo courtesy Nervous Waters Fly Fishers.

Nervous Waters Fly Fishers in Hawaii have been making good use of the DC series of spey rods for bonefish.
Photo courtesy Nervous Waters Fly Fishers.

“Long story short, the rod performed beautifully.  Very forgiving of shall we say less than perfect casts.  The rod loaded easily and I could feel it throughout the cast.  It launched long with very little effort. I casted it for five hours straight with absolutely no fatigue. The only thing that wore me out was fighting a bunch of fish, (as it should always be when using any fly rod).  I didn’t hook anything big but the rod handled the rats i got into very well.  It felt like it still had some reserve power for when the big boy bites, yet it was light enough that every fish I caught put some serious bend in the rod. The Deer Creek was just a pleasure to cast and fight fish with. absolute super fun which, after all, is the point of all of this fly fishing stuff.” 

Clay at Nervous Waters has been doing some creative write-ups on chasing bonefish with long rods. For the complete posts, check out

Tiefest to be Renamed Lefty Kreh Tiefest

The CCA recently announced that the “Tiefest,” one of the Mid-Atlantic’s most popular fishing shows, has been renamed “Lefty Kreh’s Tiefest” to honor one of fly fishing’s international legends.

TFO extends their congratulations to Lefty and their hopes that the CCA sponsored event will continue to grow in notoriety.

The first Lefty Kreh’s Tiefest will be Saturday, March 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Prospect Bay Country Club, Grasonville, MD. Some of the country’s most respected fly tyers will demonstrate patterns effective in the mid-Atlantic region and answer questions from the more than 400 expected attendees.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

“Lefty is recognized throughout the world as one of the fathers of fly fishing, and since he’s a Maryland resident it’s most appropriate to name Maryland’s best fly fishing event after him,” said Tony Friedrich, CCA MD executive director. “Lefty has attended many of the past Tiefests and always is open to helping anglers. This is one time when any angler can come up to Lefty or the other fly fishing experts there and get their individual questions answered.”

“Tiefest has always been one of my favorite fishing shows since it has a history of helping all levels of fly anglers with a special emphasis on young people,” said Kreh. “It’s a true honor to have Tiefest named after me.”

Among the other fly tyers attending will be Bob Popovics, Steve Silverio, and Blane Crockett. A number of Chesapeake Bay guides, local tackle shops, rod makers, and other organizations associated with fly fishing will have booths at the event. Casting instruction will be available for youngsters under 16 years of age from 11 a.m. to noon.

Lefty Kreh’s Tiefest is free to CCA members and youngsters under 16, and there’s a $10 cost to others. Non-members can join CCA at the event for $25 and get in free.

For more information on this event and the CCA, please visit: 

TFO at ISE Denver Jan.17-20

Temple Fork Outfitters will head north to Denver, Colo., on Jan. 17-20 to showcase new offerings at the ISE Denver show.

With several high-quality lines of fly and conventional rods and new for 2013 gear, TFO will be exhibiting during all four days at the Colorado Convention Center.  2013-ISE-Logo-DEN

Over 500 dealers, in a single 290,000-sq.-ft. hall, will be on hand to showcase products ranging from: fishing tackle and gear, hunting products, boats, motors and marine accessories.

Tickets are $15 for adults and free for youth 16 and under. Active members of the Armed Forces will also be admitted free, with a military ID.

For more information please visit:

Great Lakes Steelhead

TFO oval logoBy TFO

Icy guides, numb toes and the occasional tug.

That is steelheading in the Great Lakes this time of year.

For those dedicated swingers and nymphers, that’s what you deal with.

But, the reward for those hours of cast, step, swing, can be great.

The lone steelhead taken on the swing with a Deer Creek Spey rod. ©2013 Nicholas J. Conklin

Here an angler poses with the lone steelhead taken on the swing. Anglers used the Deer Creek Spey rod (14′ 6/7), on floating and intermediate Skagit heads. 
©2013 Nicholas J. Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters.

On a recent holiday trip, Nick Conklin of TFO took to swinging flies in some Lake Michigan tributary’s for steelhead. Despite temps in the mid to low 30s all week a few fish were caught.

Using the Deer Creek Series Spey rod (14′ 6/7), anglers landed both lake run brown trout and steelhead.

The largest brown caught during the week of fishing was a 27″ lake run.

The anglers used a variety of sink tips from T-8 to T-14, and floating and intermediate Skagit heads (560-600 grains).

Flies were typical Great Lakes Spey, tube patterns in blacks, dark purples, blue and copper colored.

The few hits taken while nymphing happened on beads, egg flies and hex wigglers.

A black and blue marabou tube fly illicited the most response by Michigan steelhead. ©Nicholas J. Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters.

A black and blue marabou tube fly elicited the most response by Michigan steelhead.
©Nicholas J. Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters.