Streamer LoveFest

If you like big meaty flies, big rods and big trout than come out to the inaugural Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher Streamer LoveFest on Friday January 25.

They have assembled the brightest array of modern streamer tying (and fishing) talents in the one place, on the promise of a shot at some White River trophy brown trout.

This won’t be your average slow-moving tying event . They have door prizes; crawfish gumbo and other eats & beverages; and plenty of time for one on one conversations with the tiers and guides, away from the tying tables.  streamerfestposter_zps52493fb2

They will have Rainy’s fly designer Nick Granato from Utah, the man behind the Chubby Muffin Sculpin & Sasquatch.

Brad Bohen, Chris Willen and Lucky Porter from Musky Country Outfitters whose take on big fly action has been inspirational to many.

The man from Michigan, Alex Lafkas who reignited the White River streamer movement.

Missouri streamer guru Brian Wise and Chad “Mississippi” Johnson, now a fly designer with Umpqua.

This is not going to be your average tying demonstration, they want everyone involved with the tiers.  They will have tying stations set up to watch the tiers at work 2 or 3 at a time in rotation. The rest of the time they will be free to answer more detailed questions; tell yarns and generally have a good time.




1200 WEST MAIN #7


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One Response to Streamer LoveFest

  1. Thanks for the help guys. An awesome time was had by all somewhere between 80-100 attendees and we raised over $300 but our White River Trout Unlimited Chapter. Kudos to Banning, Jim and Jeff for getting us some cool TFO schwag to share among the gathering.
    Oh and the food was killer. Looking forward to 2014.

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