Mini Mag Series: The Perfect Largemouth or Smallmouth Rod

tfo-oval-logo3.jpgBy TFO

A question came up today about the best rod for largemouth and smallmouth bass.

We answered with a variety of rods that we felt would fit this customers needs (and the rods we all liked casting at bass).

Then the customer tossed a curve ball into the scenario.

“It needs to be 8-feet or less to be legal for a tournament.”


The customer went on to explain how he had become unhappy with some of the other bass specific fly rods, which he fished in tournaments. The problem he said was that most fly rods in heavier weights (7-10), were all 9 feet long.

An ancillary problem was price, (found it hard to spend over $500 per rod).

After some thought we had the perfect solution. The Mini-Mag Series.

MiniMag Kit

This rod is a powerful fishing tool adept at tossing bass bugs and poppers into heavy cover. Originally thought of as a great rod for short, accurate casts into mangroves for snook and tarpon, we found it excelled at fighting bass from cover.

Because of the rods unique blend of S-glass and high modulus graphite, we were able to build a rod that had superb lifting power, but also exceptional casting ability. This is especially the case with higher grained floating and sinking lines.

This series comes in individual rods as well as combo which are paired with a TFO Prism reel and matching weight-forward line.

For more information on the Mini Mag rods, check out:


About templeforkoutfitters
Armed with a lifetime passion for fishing, we set out to establish a new standard of value for fly and conventional rods. We have relied on our own experience and advice of many professionals in creating what we believe is the perfect marriage - price and performance. Sound too good to be true? Cast one and you be the judge.

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