TFO Fly Fit Gals at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival

tfo-oval-logoBy TFO

Think all fitness programs are the same? Take one and feel like you’ve taken them all?

Well think again.

This fitness training program is unlike any other in the fly fishing industry.



Photo courtesy of Tracey Stroup.

Because until now, no such program existed to help prevent injury, aid in recovery time and improve casting technique. All while looking to increase an angler’s longevity and happiness on the water.

Tracey Stroup (Kinesiologist) and Wanda Taylor (FFF Master Casting Instructor) have teamed up for a dynamite class. The class is structured to be totally interactive; a hands-on approach to improve your fly fishing and decrease the risk of injury.

Tracey Stroup, has pioneered the “Fly Fishing Fitness,” movement. She has written countless articles on proper body mechanics and injury prevention. Her proprietary technique for injury recovery has alleviated injuries for anglers across the nation. The exercises, stretches, core strength and balance techniques are key to a lifetime on the water.

Wanda Taylor, has over 25 years’ experience as a professional guide and fly casting instructor. Taylor has worked with all genres of physical challenges of her students and clients assisting them in achieving their personal goals in fly fishing. Her proprietary adaptive fly fishing techniques keep anglers on the water while recovering from injury. Wanda’s unique approach to bilateral casting instruction is a must for every angler.

By uniting forces, Taylor and Stroup offer a unique set of skills never seen before in the fly fishing industry. Anglers of all levels will want to participate in this class. The advantage will be injury free fly fishing.

For those suffering from an injury, this class will set them on the path to recovery and keep them on the path of enhanced fly fishing techniques. All levels of fly fishing experience welcome. Fly fishing enthusiasts with or without injury encouraged. They guarantee the  information taught in this class, when applied to your fly fishing game, will enhance your casting, wading and catching, keeping you injury free.

This class is a must for all anglers wishing to spend a lifetime on the water.

Tracy and Wanda can next be seen at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival, Waynesboro, VA, on April 20-21 For more information on which events the Fly Fit Gals will be at, check out their website at:

A review from Jim, of Denver who attended a recent class:

“This class was so timely, after dealing with a sore shoulder and tight forearm from fly fishing I finally feel that Tracey and Wanda have me on the right path to recovery, with their expert help in therapy and casting technique. Two top professionals in their field!

I’m very happy I took this class; looking forward to getting back on the river.”

Jim G.

Denver, CO 


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