87 frog tips for bass fishing

Bassmaster Magazine has compiled some great tips from readers regarding tips for those that like throwing two legged-amphibians.

In their latest article on bassmaster.com , they asked readers and pro Dean Rojas what is the best approach to fishing frogs. Here is an excerpt from the May 31 article.

Photo courtesy of Brian Dupishane.

Photo courtesy of Brian Dupishane.

“One valuable tip while fishing with frogs that I have learned is to not jerk right away when a bass does its acrobatics. Many anglers, including myself, have missed trophy bass because of reacting too early. Most of the time when the bass jumps out of the water, it slaps the lure and tries to stun it. If you jerk right away, the bass will realize that it isn’t real bait and won’t bite. As you’re retrieving and the bass jumps, stop and lower your rod. The bass will think that it has stunned the frog and come to bite it for an easy meal. Set your hook. Rinse and repeat.”

For the full article ‘swim’ your way over to the Bassmaster site and check out, “87 tips for Bassin.”





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