Nothing ‘Weak’ about these Fish

tfo-oval-logoBy TFO

Fishing guide and TFO pro staffer Joe “Maz” Mustari has been hammering the weakfish on the east coast the past few weeks.

Check out what Joe has to say about these east coast sea trout:

Photo courtesy Joe Mustari.

Photo courtesy Joe Mustari.

“Weakfish have been a very rare catch in the northeast in recent years. I have not caught one on my boat in a long while. There was a time when I was able to easily target these fantastic trout. This year they decided to show up and I have been lucky enough to actually catch them the last few weeks. Having landed two fish that where potentially line class records, and many more in the 3 to 10-pound range. Hopefully they are making a comeback!” 

For more information on weakfish, check out:

For more information on Joe Mustari and his New England fishing adventures, check out his site at:

Photo courtesy of Joe Mustari.

Photo courtesy of Joe Mustari.


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