Prime fishing in Amazon Basin July through December

Release courtesy of Amazon Fly Fishers

The tropical freshwater fish species of the Amazon Basin are-pound-for pound arguably the most aggressive, hardest fighting fish on Earth. These acrobatic and colorful jungle species readily take flies and poppers and offer unparalleled experiences for the fly fishing angler, both for numbers of fish and size.

Photo courtesy Amazon Fly Fishers.

Photo courtesy Amazon Fly Fishers.

Amazon Fly Fishers’ staff has been diligently exploring the rivers of the Amazon for more than 20 years and we have developed two distinctly different fly fishing programs primarily targeting peacock bass, but also accessing the many other game fish. The trips to Brazil are primarily for large trophy peacock bass; the program in Bolivia is a true multi, multi-species fly adventure for large numbers of peacock bass and other exotic species—payara, surubi, corvina, bacuda, pacu and other unique jungle fish.

We send literally hundreds of fishermen to South America each year and have refined the programs particularly for the fly fishing angler.

Our exclusive “fly-fishing-only” sanctuary waters, where no other fishing methods are allowed, have more clarity, less tannin and are near the headwaters of the river systems in the Baniwa, Tucano, Bare and other Indian tribal reserves.

We work exclusively with outfitters Jorge Molina of Bolivian Adventures/Caño Negro Lodge in Bolivia, and Luis Brown of River Plate Anglers in Brazil.  These good friends offer fantastic fly fishing, knowledgeable guides, custom boats, comfortable, air-conditioned accommodations, good food and outstanding service.

Prime fishing time frames for these areas are July through December.  For a more extensive look at the programs, please visit our website at  Be sure to view Slide Shows, Details and Gear tab, Pricing and Travel information.

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fly Fishers.

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fly Fishers.

To discuss the trips in detail or check available dates, please call 1-800-584-1180 or e-mail us at:


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