Tenkara Bum reviews the TFO Soft Hackle

Tenkara rods, for all of the simplicity and history associated with them, they can still be something of a mystery.

With all of the information, (and sometimes misinformation) out there, it can be difficult to understand what all of this tenkara talk is about.

However, the folks at Tenkara Bum have taken the time to break down tenkara rods, specifically the TFO Soft Hackle rods.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

According to a recent post,

“In a way, it all makes perfect sense. The rod is clearly a tenkara rod but TFO didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. It is not an extreme rod. It will be a smaller step for American fly fishermen to take. The TFO Soft Hackle feels a little more familiar (more like a fly rod), the line is quite a bit more familiar (more like a fly line), and when casting, it feels A LOT more familiar (an awful lot more like casting a fly line with a fly rod). And you know what, it’s even simpler. There’s no 5:5, 6:4 stuff. No unfamiliar Japanese line sizes or confusion over whether to call it a line or a leader. This is not a “one fly” approach that a lot of people don’t quite get. It’s a “one rod, one line” approach that a lot of people will like.

The most asked question in tenkara is “what rod should I get.” At TFO the answer is “You can get the short one or the long one. Get the short one if you fish narrower streams or the long one if you fish wider streams.” You can’t make it much easier.” 

For the full write-up, head over to TenkaraBum for more.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

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2 Responses to Tenkara Bum reviews the TFO Soft Hackle

  1. murray kelso says:

    when buying a Tenkara rod does it come with a rod case and fly line and instructions ???

    • Murray,

      Yes our Tenkara rods now include a package, with instructional book, level line and leader.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Take care.

      Nicholas Conklin
      Media Relations/Trade Show Coordinator
      Temple Fork Outfitters
      8105 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX 75247
      Office 800.638.9052
      Fax 214.638.9053

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