Trophy Peacock Bass with TFO rods in Brazil

Release courtesy of Captain Peacock Yachts & Expeditions

According to the IGFA record book, the last three All Tackle World Record Speckled Peacock Bass, have all been caught in Brazil’s upper Rio Negro in the Barcelos and Santa Isabela areas.

Photo by Brandon Powers, Temple Fork Outfitters.

Photo by Brandon Powers, Temple Fork Outfitters.

The staff of Temple Fork Outfitters has traveled to the upper Rio Negro River in Brazil’s Amazon with Captain Peacock Yachts & Expeditions the last three years to test their skills on peacock bass, the toughest freshwater fish available.

Photo by Brand Powers, Temple Fork Outfitters.

Photo by Brandon Powers, Temple Fork Outfitters.

Peacock Bass spawn on the sand bars from September through December and then ball up and defend their fry from January – March, during which time Captain Peacock offers 8 night trips featuring 6 ½ days of fishing.  Visit our website at for complete info and pricing.  If you want the inside scoop, call Rick, Jim, Brandon, Jeff, or Nick, the guys in the office at TFO in Dallas, they all have fished with Captain Peacock once if not several times in the last 3 years!  Let them give you the low-down on fishing with Captain Peacock in Brazil’s Amazon.

Captain Peacock is not a booking agent!  We book and operate our own trips to ensure you get the trip you booked. For more information, please contact Capt. Peacock at 817-471-2716, or by email at


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Armed with a lifetime passion for fishing, we set out to establish a new standard of value for fly and conventional rods. We have relied on our own experience and advice of many professionals in creating what we believe is the perfect marriage - price and performance. Sound too good to be true? Cast one and you be the judge.

One Response to Trophy Peacock Bass with TFO rods in Brazil

  1. Peter Dix says:

    I have just bought my BVK at Hunting and Fishing in Hamilton, New Zealand. It is my gift to me for this years birthday. An 8wt I intend to fish lake margins and the bigger trout waters of this grand country of ours. My birthday is tomorrow and I intend to test my new beauty. I tie my own flies and am quite passionate about my outdoor experience. I have matched it with a Lamson Guru in black as I have a fishing mate who was once given the title Guru by the editor of the NZ Fishing News for catching a tagged fish in a competition at Lake Rotorua some years ago. It seemed too good to be true.
    Tight lines

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