“It Really is Bigger in Texas”- GAFF MAGAZINE

Check out this cool Texas-style fishing article in the September/October issue of Gaff Magazine, entitled “It Really is Bigger in Texas,” By Dustin Catrett.

TFO friend and accomplished guide, Ben Paschal is highlighted in the write-up on sight casting for redfish in the Lower Laguna Madre. Below is a brief portion of the GAFF Magazine article. For the complete article, and more tips on fly fishing for reds, check out, GAFF Magazine.

By Ben Paschal, Laguna Madre Outfitters.

By Ben Paschal, Laguna Madre Outfitters.

“Most of my clients are usually shocked when they see the amount of sight-casting opportunities we have here,” says Paschal, who also doubles as a talented photographer putting clients in front of fish, and then capturing the moment from behind the lens. “Depending on the time of year, I enjoy looking for tailing or backing fish until the sun gets up high enough to be able to spot fish on the sand,” He adds. “Guys are overwhelmed by this, as it is unlike anything you would expect to see in Texas.”

From the bow of his 17-foot Maverick, anglers can take shots at anywhere from 20 to 50 fish per day, given decent conditions in water less than knee deep, while being slowly poled across the great expanse of the Laguna. For sight casting to these drum, Paschal prefers the fly rod over conventional tackle, using a TFO BVK 8-weight rod, matched with a Hatch fly reel, and a long 9- to 12-foot leader with a 10- to 15-pound tippet. The flies that bring most of his fish to boatside are small crab or shrimp imitations tied on with #4 or #6 hooks.”


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