GTS Drop Shot Series Rods- Review

TFOLogo-NoTextBy G. Wayne Byrd, TFO Pro Staff

First Impressions/Technical Specifics: 

My first thoughts when I pulled these rods out of the shipping tubes were…lightweight, balanced, clean and precision made tools.


Photo illustration by Nicholas Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters.

The blanks are clean in appearance with well-appointed winding checks, wraps, logos and components.  The rods are finished with a thin layer of matte clear coat over polished graphite which produces an immaculate rod that is both durable and striking.

From the natural high grade hand contoured cork grips, to a two piece split-grip reel seat for greater sensitivity and weight reduction. On the rear of the rods you will find TFO’s trademark Color ID System for quick and accurate rod power selection. The GTS series has no fore grip which reduces weight and improves balance but also makes it possible to place your forefinger directly on the blank for added sensitivity. The guides are appropriately labeled “Tactical Series Guides” and are a proprietary guide that is super hard-chrome anodized, stainless steel insert pressed into a machined, hard-anodized, and chromium impregnated stainless steel.

What does all this technical talk mean to you the angler? Simply put, you the consumer will receive a set of guides that are braid safe, saltwater safe, won’t pop-put and are 30 percent lighter than standard SiC guides.

TFO GTS DSC733-1 & DSS733-1 Drop Shot Rods: 

Both rods are technique specific rods that are designed for drop shot, finesse applications. DSC is the acronym for drop shot casting, and DSS is the for drop shot spinning.

The 733-1 denotes 7’3” length in Medium Light Power and a 1 piece rod construction. Both rods are rated for a lure weight of 1/8-ounce up to ½-ounce with a line weight rating of 4 to 10-pound line.

On the DSC model, I paired the rod with a baitcast reel spooled with 6lb fluorocarbon line.

The rod loaded farther up the blank than many drop shot rods I have experienced. The benefit of fishing a faster taper rod in a 7’3” length is very apparent when you hook into a large fish and are able to feel the rod’s powerful backbone.

One characteristic that really stood out for me was the rod’s accuracy. This was especially evident tossing baits under low hanging branches. The 7’3” length of the DSS spinning rod took a little practice to get dialed in as I was used to tossing a drop shot rig with a shorter rod. I felt like the accuracy was due largely to the fast action and taper of the rod. Also, the handle of the DSS rod is shorter than many spinning rods on the market which worked well because it would not get hung up on my clothing, or arm like many spinning rods are inclined to. Even though the handles are slightly shortened; the rod balances perfectly.

Photo courtesy Wayne G. Byrd.

Photo illustration by Nicholas Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters. 

Photo illustration by Nicholas Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters.

Photo illustration by Nicholas Conklin, Temple Fork Outfitters.

I fish baitcasting rigs close to 85 percent of the time; the GTS DSC casting model was accurate right out of the gate and required no adjustment period to become familiar with. It was very nice to be able to throw a 1/8-ounce finesse rig with a casting set-up.

When fishing light line finesse techniques, sensitivity is imperative. I was able to feel every rock and piece of structure I came into contact with and every little tick…tick…tick from the fish was felt and the majority turned into a nice hook up.  If you feel the 7’3” length might be too long for you, TFO has remedied this situation and produced an alternative with a 6’9” ML power drop shot rod in both a casting and spinning models. These shorter models are the GTS DSC693-1 for the casting model and GTS DSS693-1 for the spinning. If perhaps you discover that you need an even lighter power rod, TFO also produces several Light power drop shot rods in the GTS spinning series. These are available in  6’3” GTS DSS632-1, 6’9” GTS DSS692-1 and a 7’3” DSS732-1.

G. Wayne Byrd is a Professional Angler/Outdoor Writer and Seminar Speaker sponsored by the following manufactures:  BassWax, Buckeye Shad, Cablz, Gamakatsu, HooRag, Keen Footwear, P-Line, Rat-L-Trap, Reel Grip, Rudy Project Sunglasses, Shark Tooth, SmartShield Sunscreens, TackleTech, Temple Fork Outfitters/TFO Rods, Tuf-Line and Wave Spin Reels.  Questions/Commentary/Bookings? Contact:


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  1. Andy Morley says:

    I didn’t realise you could get specific drop shot rods, I usually use my spinning rod.

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