Tuna on the Fly- In PORTO BARRICATA Italy

TFO oval logoBy TFO

Stefano Mantegazza of Alpi Flyfishing has been landing some huge tuna on the Heavy Duty Bluewater rod.

Check out a brief report of some of the fishing he has been doing:

“Outside Italy nobody knows that we have such great fishing for tuna. Our location, Porto Barricata is about 90 km (about 56 miles),  south of Venice on the Delta Del Po.

The PO is the biggest Italian river which flows across the country  and enters into the Adriatic sea in Porto Barricata…What is interesting is that those blue fin often eat on the surface…..why?? we believe because the sea is not very deep. You go out 20 miles and the sea is only 35 meters deep, (about 115 feet deep)…. the big PO river moves a lot of water and those Tuna love to be there because a lot of sardines and anchovies congregate there.”  

© Stefano Mantegazza

© Stefano Mantegazza

© Stefano Mantegazza

© Stefano Mantegazza

© Stefano Mantegazza

© Stefano Mantegazza


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2 Responses to Tuna on the Fly- In PORTO BARRICATA Italy

  1. Stefano says:

    more infos….: when the season is hot, spring and late summer we catch them on poppers…..!!! Other period with intermediate lines. Can you imagine a 50 kg plus Blue fin eating your popper 10 meters from you..! I can tell you your legs start to shake and you cannot believe to your eyes. Not easy to find them, they move fast they are complicated fish. We get infos the day before regarding miles distance and direction, normally they are far between 6 and 25 miles…..from shore. We start to hunt for them in search of birds and big splashes…If this happen the big fun start! ciao

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