Lefty’s Line Marking System

tfo_logo_ovalBy TFO

It can be difficult to keep track of fly lines.

They get taken off of reels, placed on other reels and in some cases thrown in the bottom of the boat and tackle bags while in the water.

So how do you keep track of those lines when a grain weight is not labeled on them?

Many years ago, TFO advisory staff member and fly fishing icon Lefty Kreh developed a system of simple line identification.

A simple marking system near the end of the fly line can save the hassle of attempting to match up loose lines.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

Using a permanent black marker, on either end of the line. A simple block and line value system can be made.

Large blocks are meant to represent a value of five.

So, one large block, (a few centimeters in thickness) can stand for a five weight line.

For heavier lines, use the large block to symbolize five, than mark other thin lines to add up to the desired weight. For example, one thick block and three thin lines could be marked to label an 8 weight line.

Be sure to mark both ends so you can quickly identify a line whether it’s on the spool or on the reel.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.

©Temple Fork Outfitters.